Hello from Elder Thurber--who serves in the Philippines Manila Mission

Hello from Elder Thurber--who serves in the Philippines Manila Mission

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Emergencies and GMA7

Dear Everybody,

I'm currently emailing at 8 AM in San Juan Manila in missionary clothes. There's a huge thunderstorm called "Ruby" that's coming later today. 

What on earth happened to my world?!

It's called an emergency transfer. President called me on Tuesday, telling me I'll be going to the Manila zone with Elder Amante (who was my replacement long ago in Aborlan) on Thursday. I'm glad I got to have a day to say goodbye to everybody. By the end of the day, there were about 5 people working with us as I traveled to and fro, telling everybody goodbye. 

The three pictures are of Mariano Arcibal, Mark-Joseph Abello, and Perping Cruz. 
Mariano Arcibal
Elder Ronquillo, Elder Thurber, and Mark-Joseph Abello
Perpring Cruz, Elder Thurber, and Elder Ronquillo
We had taught Sister Cruz on Tuesday, before I was called.  She said it would be so sad if I left! Little did she know. . .  I will miss her as with all the people I visited on Wednesday. I gave out almost all my ties to those who I've been able to teach here. Few things come close to the feeling I had when I said bye to those in Bonifacio 3rd Ward.

These are the ward missionaries in the zone leaders ward that came along my last day.
My wonderful companion, Elder Ronquillo. He'll continue training under Elder Lewis, who's coming from Palawan.
The Laddaran family and Bishop Paraiso. Oh, it's hard to express how much I'll miss each one of them. 

The "gang" before I left
All of my new housemates, or "kabahays" 
Elder Torido and Elder Noveda's baptism on Sunday morning before church. Elder Amante, my new companion, is kneeling here. 
On Thursday morning, I had my bags all packed and headed out early to go to MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) to begin the transfer. Elder Amante's companion is going to Palawan, the missionary in Palawan is going to Boni 3rd Ward, and here I am, in San Juan, Manila. 

MLC was one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission. It was easy to recognize that each person there was obedient, and continuously working to help the mission move forward. We talked about talking about talking with everybody on the street. We watched a movie about "The Go-Getter" which I suggest you should watch. President Ostler also mentioned a "Music Committee" would be made to set the standard for the mission when it comes to what missionaries can listen to. He asked who would be interested. My hand shot up :D

After the meeting ended at 3, a few other missionaries including myself talked with Sister Ostler, who asked for our advice, because we needed to select only 20 missionaries to sing on live national television this Thursday on GMA7! I'll be playing piano! In our previous practice, Sister Ostler recorded everybody singing, to see who had stage presence and knew how to sing. Everybody looked so good in the recording, so it was hard to decide. We gave a few suggestions, and then I left with all my luggage, and headed to the rich community of San Juan, Manila. 

We arrived there at around 7, and got to teach just one lesson to the Toredo family. We're going to be baptizing two of them this coming December 20th! They're both very "makulit" or naughty or rambunctious, seeing as they're only 8 and 9 years old. 

Friday, I got a call from Sister Ostler telling me to go to Buendia to play piano for the choir of 20 she selected. Man they look good! I hope that somehow you all get to watch the performance! I stayed late to accompany everybody for the Mission Christmas Program that'll be going on later this December. 



Phew! What a crazy week. And life's only going to get crazier now.

Hey, check out this great video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzjFEMmM0Xs

Elder Thurber


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