Hello from Elder Thurber--who serves in the Philippines Manila Mission

Hello from Elder Thurber--who serves in the Philippines Manila Mission

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bababa ba? Bababa.

October 14, 2013 Aborlan, Palawan

Hello lahat mga tao! (all people)

While it doesn't really make any sense, my title for this email could be an actual conversation in Tagalog. It could mean, 
     "Will you go down?"
     "Yes, I will go down."

Tagalog is getting more and more fun for me. It's nowhere near next to perfect, but what I am understanding is pretty fun. I actually made a joke yesterday! The other day, somebody commented that I had an accent, and I said "No, because of my hair." And they all laughed. And frankly, me and Elder Hart always switch between Tagalog and English in our conversations just because it's a lot of fun. Twice the flavor! When I went on an exchange with Elder Delorino, I was once again forced to use Tagalog in my every-day speech. It wasn't bad, because he obviously knows what I'm going through and wishes to help me. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go with Elder Balonsong this week, but I will next week.

 This is an area we travel through to get to some investigators. It's always fun walking around a bunch of cows.


This is where we watched conference. It was in English, but they had another TV going on on the other side of the church in Tagalog.

In case you were curious, yes, I'm going to say it: General Conference was the best! Gaah! I can't imagine how anybody would not want to go to all the sessions! You should see how many notes I took. I was surprised how much they talked about the role of women, and the healing power of the atonement. And 80,333 missionaries?! Phew, that's crazy! I'm glad I am a part of making that number as big as it is.

Going to General Conference is just the same as it is in America; All of the high priests fall asleep in the middle of the priesthood session. The high priests aren’t the only ones to fall asleep!

Bro. and Sis. Salazar with Elder Saclot.

I got to know them a little better over conference weekend, as they were able to attend all the sessions. They're nice and know basically everybody we try to meet, so they're an invaluable guide for us during ward council, which they are both a part of.

Elder Thurber and Elder Balonsong

This is Elder Merrill, from Bountiful. I'll be taking him on an exchange in our area at the end of this month!


Elder Hart and I went on an unofficial exchange this week with the zone leaders to give some baptismal interviews! I am pleased to announce that my first baptism for Sister Decila Corpuz will be this Saturday! She overcame her problems and is ready to be baptized. On top of that, her brother-in-law, is now becoming an active member in church! He attended two of the sessions in General Conference! I can see that they are coming closer as a family because of the gospel.

After our interviews and before zone conference, we got to have some well-needed down time with the Gwilliam couple! They had an enormous house (by Philippine standards) and fed us pancakes which were too delicious.


One night when we came home, there was an enormous bug infestation as soon as we turned on the lights, as poorly depicted in the first picture.

In the second picture is Elder Hart’s method to combat them, 

and in the third is the result: the bugs simply fly into the water! We had to do it three times, with just as many bugs flying into the bucket. It was hard to hold the bucket when the bugs would always fly in your face and arms.

These are some ants on our wall from a while back. I sprayed some bygone on them, and in five seconds most of them fell down to the garbage can below with a satisfying thump.

Good thing I went to wipe out my shoe before I put it on!

They say this guy is pretty dangerous. Apparently, his breed has stung a previous missionary.


This is how we take care of our garbage. We burn it.

Because of my sweet parents, we got some popcorn! But because we didn't have a microwave, we initially put it into a toaster oven, but we knew it wasn't a good idea as soon as I turned it on.

The inside of Rambutan. It's gooey, kinda like a grape.

This is the church piano. Despite its inconsistencies and faults, I have grown to love every moment with it.

Ok, this is a picture from the outside of the mission home. I may have sent it already, but if not, here it is. The capsule is an elevator! I thought it was pretty futuristic, so it was worth a picture.


I love writing here, because it sets my mind back on what I've accomplished this week, and think about some things that I could improve on in what I did. But is anybody actually reading this? I feel like I'm talking to a wall! Obviously, I'll continue to write in this for the rest of my mission, but if I could get some feedback, that'd be pretty wonderful. What do you or don't you like? What do you want more of? The more the merrier!

Oh yeah, and the church is true. I know it.

Elder Thurber

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